About Us

nuts and snacks on table

How We Got Started

Our founder is a avid snacks eater. After every meal he must have some snacks to satisfy his after meal snack craving, otherwise he will feel as though the meal is not complete. However, this habit can be a bad habit if the snacks consumed is not healthy. Overtime, he felt that he should stop this bad habit as it is not beneficial in the long run. He also started to notice the ingredients and was able to judge if the snacks is relatively healthier. He started to snack on nuts, seeds and dried fruits as well. He realised that he did not need to kick this bad habit, but by changing the snacks he consume, he can change this bad habit into a good one. That is how NutsAndSnacks.com.sg is born to provide convenient snacking options for all. 

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to be the go-to shop in Singapore for nuts and snacks on-the-go. We aim to provide healthy snacking alternatives at a value to our customers. Our goal is for customers to snack wherever they want, by providing tasty and convenient snacking options. We aim to be the corporate choice in corporate gifting whereby nuts and snacks can be used as a gift or part of a gift. 


Our vision is to be the leading wholesaler, distributor and retailer in the Nuts and Snacks industry.

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