NUTender Customise Your Mix

Customize your own mixed nuts. Choose what you like and we will mix it for you. We are your personalised Nut Bartender.

Mixed Nuts Specialist

The Mixed Nuts Specialist is here to make your mixed nuts journey a wonderful one. When you buy our mixed nuts you will see that we mix each ingredient generously. We state the weightage of mix in the ingredients so you know what you are getting. We also use the best quality nuts, seeds, and dried fruits for every batch. Mixed nuts are more affordable as compared to buying nuts themselves, and at the same time you get a variety of nuts, it’s the best of both worlds. These mixed nuts can be used for almost everything, snacking, partying, smoothie, salad, and more. 

How to Savour Our Mixed Nuts?

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Try Our Premium Mixed Nuts!

One of the best ways to eat our mixed nuts is by pouring them directly into your mouth. Savour the mixture of taste from different nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. An absolutely nutritious and healthy snack!