Have you ever read that raw cashews are poisonous and you thought to yourself, I’ve been eating “raw” cashews for years, what is going to happen to me?

Do not worry, the “raw” cashews that you purchase from shops are not actually raw. Talking about raw cashews suitable for consumers, they have already been processed by steaming to ensure that they are safe to eat.

Cashews Are Actually Poisonous

cashew plant

Have you ever noticed why most cashews are never sold in a shell? This is because raw cashew plant have an outer shell that is actually poisonous and it needs to be removed and processed to be safe for consumption.

Do not try to pluck raw cashews straight from the plant. It contains urushiol a Anacardic acid that causes irritation and painful rashes. This same toxic chemical is found in poison ivy.


The cashews that are store bought are not raw, they are steamed and processed to be safe for consumption. Who would even think that a poisonous seed could be processed into such a delicious treat that is craved throughout the world. Therefore, have a peace of mind when consuming these “raw” cashews, they are safe to consume and are packed with nutritional benefits as well!