Almond snacks are one of the most eaten snacks around the world. There are multiple reasons why someone would choose to almond snacks as opposed to other kind of snacks. One of them is because it is a healthier option, as compared to processed snacks like potato chips. Also, almond is very versatile and can be made into a wide variety of snacks, adding almond to a snack gives the snack a nutty flavour which is really appetising.

In this article, we will be recommending to you a full list of almond snacks that can be found in Singapore. Some of them might be familiar to you such as the common baked almonds, while others might not be familiar to you like almond florentine cookies. Our aim is to give you a glimpse into the different types of almond snacks available that you can try out other than the usual baked almonds.

1. Flavoured Almonds

Flavoured almonds are one of the best alternatives to baked almonds. There are many alternatives to choose from according to your preferences. They might be slightly unhealthier than unseasoned baked almonds but they are still better than other forms of unhealthy snacks out there. You can occasionally spice up your life with these flavoured almonds guilt-free.

Flavoured Almond Snack Singapore

We recommend HBAF Korean almond brand to get your flavoured almonds. The reason is that they specialise in almonds, coming up with a range of different flavours and their quality is great too. Choose from flavours like Wasabi Almonds, Baked Corn, Honey Butter, Seaweed and more, you will be spoilt for choice. However, there are many imitation brands so make sure you get the official HBAF brand. We have included the link which you can purchase from below.

Price range: $4 – $8

Size: 120g – 190g

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2. Almond Nougats

Almond Nougats is a snack that was really popular at one time, but with more and more new snack options available, it seems to be forgotten. However, when talking about Almond snacks one should not forget this perfect combination of Nougat and Almonds. 

Almond Nougats Snack Singapore

We highly recommend this long-standing brand Golden Boronia from Australia. Golden Boronia’s almond nougat is not only 100% cholesterol-free but also boasts a delightful, crunchy texture that bursts with a tempting nutty flavour. Each bite-sized nougat is filled with over 50% of nuts, ensuring a satisfying crunch. It’s a delicious and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed on its own, or as a perfect complement to a cup of coffee or a delectable topping on your favourite ice cream. Choose from hard, soft, coffee and green tea flavoured nougats. You can also select their assorted pack for the best of all worlds. 

Price range: $6.90 – $40

Size: 100g (13 Pieces) – 1kg (130 Pieces)

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3. Almond Nut Bars

Almond Nut bars are one of the easiest snacks to have around you. They are easily fitted into your bags and can easily be eaten without causing a mess. They are also really healthy and you can choose from a wide variety of bars such as Almond Granola Bars, Almond Chocolate Bars, Almond Protein Bars and more. Depending on your needs and preference there is definitely one to suit your liking.

Almond Nut Bar Snack Singapore

When heading out, be sure to bring a bar in your bag. Whenever you’re hungry or crave some snacks, have an almond nut bar instead!

Price range: $7 – $12

Size: Depending on the ingredients, around 6 bars/box, each bar is 35g.

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4. Almond Chocolate

Almond Chocolate is a snack that everyone should know of, the combination of almonds and chocolate is just wonderful. At almost every chocolate shop you will see this combination as one of their offerings. Newer versions include matcha-coated almond chocolate and thinly sliced almond chocolates from Läderach, older versions are simply almond-coated chocolates, from Van Houten.

Almond Chocolate Snacks Singapore

There is a wide variety of almond chocolate to choose from, they come in various shapes and sizes from round chocolate-coated almonds to almond chocolate bars. You can even select from dark chocolate or white chocolate. If you prefer a sweeter version go for white chocolate, otherwise, go for the dark chocolate option.

Price range: $2 – $10

Size: Depending on the type of Almond Chocolate that you choose.

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5. Almond Fish Snack

Almond Fish Snack is a combination of anchovies and blanched slivered almonds. What makes this a wonderful snack to have is the combination of the taste of anchovies and almonds. As the almonds are slivered, baking them makes them more fragrant, so every bite that you take is a punch of almond flavour. The anchovies are also usually sugar-coated to add to the taste.

almond fish snack singapore

Let’s not forget that both anchovies and almonds are considered healthy snack alternatives. Making this combination an addictive and guilt-free option. You can even consider pairing the almond fish snack with beer. We have tried and if you have low self-control, you can easily finish one pack in a go!

Price range: $8 – $20

Size: 125g – 430g.

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6. Almond Biscotti

Almond Biscotti is perfect to be paired with coffee or tea, it is similar to Lotus Biscoff Cookies but much much healthier. It is a combination of almond and flour, that is baked till crispy. The hardness and texture are like pretzels but are cut up into thin slices. Something like bread chips.

Almond Biscotti Snacks

If you’re someone who likes baked goods, you should definitely try out almond biscotti. The almond taste is in all parts of the biscotti and every bite you take gives you the almond aroma that leaves you wanting for more. However, don’t worry about having more pieces because it is considered a healthy snack. You can choose from different flavours like Matcha and Gula Melaka too, however, we usually recommend the original version to try out first.

Price range: $4

Size: 100g

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7. Almond Cookies

Almond cookies are usually very popular during Chinese New Year. Depending on where you purchase them, they might be really crunchy or might even melt in your mouth. They can come in different types of textures depending on how they are made. However, what we know is that no matter which type, it is equally delicious. Once you start, you might not be able to stop at one. Half a bottle or one full bottle might be gone in a few days.

Almond Cookies snacks singapore

These almond cookies are also a great pairing with coffee and tea. Due to their small sizes and multiple pieces, it is great for sharing during a gathering. It is a snack that will hardly go wrong. Check out the different types of almond cookies available that you can snack on today.

Price range: $3.50 – $20

Size: Depending on the type and brand of almond cookies that you choose.

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8. Almond Cake Snack

Almond cake is not really a cake but rather a sort of cookie. It is made by pressing grind-up mung bean flour and almonds with a mould to form a cookie shape. When biting into the almond cake it is crunchy but easily broken. There are also whole almond pieces inside to give it an additional crunchy texture and almond aroma when bitten into.

Almond cake Snack Singapore

It is a famous snack from Hong Kong and Macau that most people will bring back when overseas. Right now, you don’t have to go overseas to buy them, brands like Choi Heong Yuen can be bought online at the link below. Enjoy them as a mid-day snack with coffee and tea.

Price range: $9-$18

Size: 300g – 450g

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9. Almond Florentine Cookies

Almond Florentine Cookies are thin like biscotti, the difference is that the whole piece is made entirely with nuts that are coated in a thin layer of sugar. Apart from nuts, there might be seeds added to the snack to give it more taste and texture, such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

Almond Florentine Cookies Snack Singapore

It is a great snack to have when watching TV shows. Although it is coated with a layer of sugar the amount isn’t considered a lot. You will not feel that it is very sweet, rather the sugar is there to add flavour to the mixed nuts and seeds. They are usually made without any added preservatives, flavourings or colourings as well. Basically, it is nuts coated with sugar, as simple and delicious as it can get.

Price range: $15 – $20

Size: Approx 350g.

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10. Cheese Almond Rice Cracker Japanese

Cheese Almond Rice Cracker as it suggests is a rice cracker that is topped with cheese and an almond. We are unsure how smart someone can come up with this combination, the mixture of taste is so tasty and makes it really addictive. We tried and agreed that what makes it a hit is due to the cheese and rice cracker. The cheese mix surprisingly well with the soy sauce rice cracker.

cheese almond rice cracker

Each rice cracker comes in a small individual pack, one is definitely not enough. There is an original flavour and also a wasabi version. If you take wasabi you should definitely try both types. There are many brands out there but one of the most popular is Sanko Brand which we have provided the link below.

Price range: $4.95

Size: 15 pieces.

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11. Pepero Almond

Pepero Almond Chocolate is one of many flavours of Pepero stick snack. It is a Korean brand by Lotte. Why is this a great snack? Each stick is generously coated with chocolate and almond bits. It is also very easy to consume and will not cause a mess. Do you know that Almond Chocolate flavour is the best-selling flavour from the rest?

Pepero Almond snack singapore

It is a really great snack for outings due to its compact size and the numerous sticks is great for sharing too. Alternatively, just have the whole box for yourself while chilling and watching Netflix. Enjoy!

Price range: $1.40

Size: 32g per box.

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12. Almond Butter

Almond Butter is not exactly a snack but some do use it as a snack. For those who are looking to bulk healthily, you can take a scoop of Almond Butter and consume it slowly. The almond butter can also be added on to plain biscuits which can also be paired with cheese. The versatility of almond butter makes it a great snack pairing for those health-conscious individuals.

Almond Butter Snack Singapore

Almond butter is the second most famous nut butter, while the first is peanut butter. When choosing almond butter, check the ingredients and choose the one that has the most natural ingredients. There are also some that are only 100% almond!

Price range: $8 – $15

Size: Depending on the brand and size of almond butter that you choose.

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13. Baked Almonds

Baked Almonds are undoubtedly the most common almond snack that can be bought from almost any minimart or supermarket around Singapore. The more popular brands that can be found are Camel Brands, Nature Wonders/Taisun, Kangaroo and Tong Garden. House brands are also available from Fairprice and Meadows. What makes baked almonds such a popular snack is that it is healthy and tasty. It is easily brought around and can be consumed whenever you want to do so.

baked almonds snack singapore

Other than the above brands, there are online brands that are selling at a cheaper price, if you’re looking for a good price, we have included the link below. We recommend pairing almonds with other baked nuts as well, so as to get the most nutrients out of all the nuts available. Moderation is key when consuming anything no matter how much you like it.

Price range: $7 – $20

Size: 200g – 1kg

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There we have it, the full list of almond snacks that you can try out to satisfy your snack cravings. If we have left out any almond snacks do let us know. You can also let us know on your review of the snacks that we have recommended in the comments below. We hope that you have a great almond snacking experience!