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the best foods for the superwomen among us


It’s tough being a woman, and you would know! Being a mother, sister, wife or friend is not an easy feat. You need all the nutrients that you can get to power you through your day. No time to figure out which foods provide you that? No problem, we’ve done the work for you. Here are the top superfoods you should be consuming to help you to shine on a daily basis.

1 walnuts

#1 Walnuts

Walnuts are the top food for the go-getter woman. Constantly on the run and working toward your dreams? Grab a handful of walnuts the next time you head out the door! Walnuts are a superior source of omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the maintenance of normal brain functioning – something we all need to stay alert at work and at home. Walnuts also have anti-ageing properties. According to research, women in their 50s and 60s who consume at least two servings of walnuts per week have a greater likelihood of healthy ageing.

2 dark chocolate

#2 Dark chocolate

Have a sweet tooth, but don’t want to put on the weight? No problem. Dark chocolate will be your best friend! Sweet, with hints of bitterness and nuttiness, the flavour profile of dark chocolate is sure to please your palette. Who else can resist the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth feeling of chocolate. Beyond its delightful taste, chocolate contains large amounts of antioxidants and have been proven to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, and prevent blood clots. Dark chocolate can even be beneficial when Aunt Flo pays a visit. The magnesium that dark chocolate has been well-known to reduce cramps.

3 quinoa

#3 Quinoa

Quinoa is a protein-rich seed. It contains all nine of the essential amino acids that you should consumer daily. The protein in quinoa helps to boost muscle growth, allowing you to stand taller and prouder each and every day. Quinoa is also a waist-friendly alternative to processed carbohydrates such as sugar and white rice.

4 black beans

#4 Black beans

Black beans may not seem like the most stellar food, but it is in fact a nutritious food that every woman should include in their diets! These beans are packed with the best nutrients and minerals that you need in your daily intake. They have many essential minerals such as folate, magnesium and iron. People who regularly consume beans also enjoy better weight management and blood sugar regulation due to the high content of soluble fibre within the black beans.

5 leafy green vegetables

#5 Leafy green vegetables

Eating a variety of vegetables can have massive benefits for the woman’s body. Spinach, for example, contains high amounts of magnesium that boosts muscle function. Kale and spinach also contain iron, an important mineral that can be found in the blood. As such, having kale and spinach is especially great to have during that time of the month. Furthermore, vegetables are rich in fibre, which helps to ensure a healthy digestive system.

6 almonds

#6 Almonds

Almonds have been a superfood since the biblical times and they continue to stay that way. They help to maintain heart health, due to the high amounts of Vitamin E it contains. Almonds can also strengthen the immune system, protecting you from the nasty bacteria or viruses you may encounter during your activity-filled day. The high concentration of magnesium in almonds can also boost the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine, also known as the ‘happy hormone’ is also good for regulating mood and preventing depression, the support you need for the toughest days.

7 water

#7 Water

Yes, you’re not seeing things. Water is essential in keeping your body in tip-top shape. Water helps to reduce the likelihood of headaches. To reduce bloating, drinking water can help to bring you back to your original weight! All of the waste that your body produces can also only be removed by drinking water. Lastly, on the hottest days when you’re moving from place to place or doing a workout, water can also help to regulate your body’s temperature. Grab a bottle of water when you next leave home.


Every day, women lead the charge both at home and in the workplace. Walnuts, dark chocolate, quinoa, black beans, leafy green vegetables, almonds and water are the best foods you can add to your diet! Fuel yourself and the women you love with the right foods, so they can take on the challenges they face.