The Secret Dangers Of Dried Fruit

More Than Meets The Eye

Oftentimes, dried fruit may appear to be the perfect choice for the health-conscious. With all the nutritional benefits of the fruit packed into a small package, easy and convenient to pack and take on the go with a wide variety of dried fruits available, it may seem like the no-brainer choice. However, there are some hidden dangers behind dried fruit that you may be aware of. This article will shine the light on these dangers and how to avoid them to ensure the dried fruit you’re consuming does have the benefits it claims to contain.

Hidden Dangers To Look Out For

added sugars

#1 Added Sugars

Fruits, of course, are naturally sweet on their own. As the water is removed from the fruit, the sugar naturally concentrates, making the dried fruit even sweeter than before. The fructose of the dried fruit makes it incredibly energy-dense. Fortunately, fructose does not cause blood levels to spike, as compared to other sugary foods like sweets and snacks. On top of that, dried fruit also contains fibre, vitamins and other great minerals that your body needs.

However, the regular, store-bought dried fruit you see may actually contain large amounts of added sugar. It is added in order to improve the marketability of the fruit. When the dried fruit is pumped with sugar and other artificial sweeteners, it can cause blood sugar levels to spike. In the short term, this can leads to changes in energy and mood. In the long term, it can contribute to Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a whole host of other problems.


#2 Preservatives

To increase the amount of time that dried fruit can last on the shelves, additives may be introduced to dried fruit to prevent mould or bacterial growth. Preservatives and artificial colours are used together to brighten or alter the colour of dried fruit to make it more appealing to consumers. The most common one of sulphur dioxide. This compound is poisonous in its gaseous form. However, it is added to preserve the fruit, make it appear fresher and lighten its colour.

While the U.S. National Library of Medicine does not consider sulphur dioxide to be harmful to healthy people to consume in small amounts, according to Food Matters, the acceptable daily intake for a 10-year-old weighing 21kg (roughly 46 lbs) is just 15mg of sulphite per day; that’s the equivalent of one dried apricot.

Studies suggest about 1% of people are sensitive to sulphur dioxide and will experience negative reactions when eating sulphur dioxide treated foods. Sensitivity can cause nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, or even wheezing and difficulty breathing. For those who have asthma, the chances are even greater of a reaction being triggered and needing to use an emergency inhaler.

#3 Serving Size

#3 Serving Size

Dried fruit is incredibly nutrient-dense. As such, it can be easy to overconsume it. At the end of the day, there is quite a significant amount of sugar that dried fruit contains. Be aware of the number of calories being consumed! On top of that, to digest dried fruit, your body must use its own fluids to reconstitute the fruit. A small amount of dried fruit can yield a much larger amount of reconstituted fruit, which can lead to bloating and dehydration. It is very important to be mindful of how much dried fruit you are eating at once and to drink plenty of fluids when you do.

How To Avoid These Hidden Traps

How To Avoid These Hidden Traps


#1 Read Labels Carefully

In order to avoid excessive ingredients such as preservatives or sugar, make sure to read the ingredient labels Try to avoid any dried fruits that contain preservatives such as sulphur dioxide or added sugars. Take note that sugar can often be labelled as other things, such as glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose, amongst others. Otherwise, buying fruits from organic brands or even making your own could be a good way to go.

#2 Regulate Serving Size

In order to prevent yourself from overeating, preparing dried fruit in pre-packed bags according to the appropriate serving sizes. Not only does this help regulate your calorie consumption, but pre-packaged dried fruit is also convenient and simple to grab and go. Enjoy the nutritional benefits of dried fruit anywhere!

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